The librarians

Above is John Broom photographed by Gunnie Moberg in the reference section of Stromness Library in the 1980s.

The librarian & caretaker post at Stromness Public Library was once a live-in position with accommodation above the library. When the building opened in 1906 the salary of £6 was offered along with two rooms, firing & lighting and taxes paid. In 1955 the salary had risen to £104 and the accommodation included a bathroom.

We have a full list of all the librarians of Stromness Library

(thank you to Bobby Leslie)

James L Brass

Peter Esson immortalised by George Mackay Brown in the poem ‘The Death of Peter Esson’. Read GMB’s article on Peter Esson here.

Robert Inkster

Eoin Waters

Tommy Robertson

John Broom once owner of Stromness Books & Prints, the shop still bears his name above the door.  He was also the librarian at Stromness Academy.

Marion Corsie

Dorothy Fletcher

Lenise Stephen

Rebecca Ford

Carol Flett

Both Becky and Carol continue stamping books for Stromness in the new library. They are joined at The Warehouse Building by:

Sarah Norquoy

Soo Irvine

and relief staff Keely Donald & Angela Fairhurst


John Broom in Stromness Library 1987. Photograph by Alistair Peebles.


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