Stromness Library

Stromness Library was built in 1905 and opened in 1906. The purpose built library was funded through a bequeath from Marjorie Skea or Corrigall who left money for the establishment of a public library.

Stromness Library from Dundas Street. Photograph Rebecca Marr

Early photo of Stromness Library from Robertson collection. Orkney Library & Archive

In the photograph above, the wall on the left is where the Stromness Library stands. The photograph is taken looking up Hellihole Road. The gable end building up the road, with crow steps, is the Subscription School. Below in this later photograph the Subscription School is on the left and the roof and chimneys of the library are in the distance on the right. Both images from the Stromness Museum book of late 19th Century Stromness photographs


The Librarians

For a full list of the librarians see here.

Stromness Library hung four oil paintings – see here.

Read the history of Stromness Library here.


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